Hi, I’m Hals

Hey There! I’m Hallie Rosenthal, a full time working mom and a part time Instagram Influencer. I love to take pictures of food both at restaurants and in my kitchen! I have a passion for fashion, event planning and interior design. I’m living my best life when I’m juggling all of these things at one time!

Here’s a few more FUN facts about me!

PERSON: My 9 year old Ryder Charles

FOOD: Fish Tacos, Pepperoni Pizza and Chocolate Chip Cookies

DESIGNER: Currently obsessed with Love Shack Fancy, Mother Denim and Golden Goose Sneakers


DREAM DESTINATIONS: Paris, Austin, Nashville and Charleston

HOMETOWN: Bloomfield Hills, MI

CURRENT TOWN: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

DAY JOB: Rapunzel’s Closet in Palm Beach, FL

HOBBIES: Taking pictures of food for Instagram and styling areas in my home

FITNESS: Yoga, Pilates and running

DIET: Moderation – if I want pizza, I eat pizza!

COCKTAIL: Vodka straight up with olives or a mint sprig

SIGN: Aquarius

, About Me
, About Me