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3 Ways to Eat a Healthy Lunch

3 Ways To Eat a Healthy Lunch, 3 Ways to Eat a Healthy Lunch

3 ways to make sure you eat a healthy lunch daily! It’s not hard to eat a healthy lunch every day! It just requires a little bit of pre-planning!

I know we’re wearing so many hats these days. Teacher, camp counselor, mom, Mr. Mom, full-time employee working from home while doing all these other things. I feel ya, it’s a lot. So it’s completely understandable that after wearing all of these hats that you grab a bag of chips on the fly and a handful of candy 2 hours later. I’m giving you 3 totally easy ways to step away from the pantry full of junk food and have a healthy lunch that will keep you fueled for your entire day!

3 Ways To Eat a Healthy Lunch, 3 Ways to Eat a Healthy Lunch
Salads Make a Quick and Healthy Lunch
3 Ways Plus a Bonus Tip for eating a Healthy Lunch Daily
  1. Grocery shop for the right kinds of food! What do you like for lunch? Salads? Sandwiches? Hot lunch? Figure out what kind of lunch eater you are and shop for those ingredients during your weekly shop.
  2. MEAL PREP – this will be the most important thing you do, because we all know that it’s really hard to pause the day to prepare lunch, if you had time to do that you would have already stopped reading this right? Chop up 5 salads and put them in containers in the fridge so that you just have to add proteins. Organize your sandwich ingredients so they are ready to stack and eat. If you are more of a grazer individually portion your veggies, proteins and cheeses into small containers so you can grab a few and sit down to eat.
  3. Set a specific time to sit and eat lunch daily. When my son was in virtual school I sat down and ate my lunch while he was eating his (I also meal prepped his lunch ahead of time in his lunch box so that it was easy to grab and go) 
  4. BONUS TIPS – when I cook dinner every night I buy at least a ½ pound extra of whatever protein i’m making so that I always have leftovers – that way if I decide I want a hot or cold lunch I always have an option. Some of our favorite leftover lunches are lasagna and shrimp taco bowls.

What is your biggest challenge with eating a healthy lunch? Drop me a comment below!

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