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Hallie Says: Do You Love Bacon?

BLT Sandwich

I have a confession to make: I’m not a bacon lover.

BLT Sandwich

Do you love bacon? I’m not a bacon lover. Try to refrain from being totally and completely shocked. As a self-proclaimed “foodie” and lover of dining trends, you would think that my motto would be “bacon makes everything better.” I never jumped on board that “baconwagon.”

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I’m happy to report that I have recently taken a liking to BLT Sandwiches. My affair started last summer when my husband ordered lunch at our club pool one day.  There was just something about the cold tomato, crisp lettuce and crunchy bacon that was calling my name. The addition of creamy avocado put me right over the edge. I was hooked! This affair ended when the club closed for the winter, but with today’s 80 degree steamy NYC temps, I was longing for my beloved poolside BLT. 


I’ll be honest with you, I actually prefer turkey bacon to regular bacon so these BLTs were made with my favorite turkey bacon from Trader Joes. If you love bacon you can also use this regular bacon. I just love Trader Joes in general. Love cooking with turkey? Try my turkey lasagna recipe here

BLT Sandwiches are a great option for dinner if you are in a rush or even entertaining a crowd. Grab a big platter and fill it with toasted bread, cooked bacon or turkey bacon and some toppings. I like to use mayo, but some people like mustard. I also like to put little bowls of toppings on the board. You can use things like avocado slices, pickles and cucumbers. Add another platter with some sides like carrot sticks, pretzels and potato chips and you have a winning meal that everyone can assemble on their own!

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