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Hallie Says: Plan a DIY Elmo Birthday Party

DIY Elmo Birthday Party

Plan the Best Elmo Birthday Party

My kid loves Elmo.  Here a my suggestions for planning a DIY Elmo birthday party without having to craft a thing. As my son’s 2nd birthday quickly approaches (sob) I’m very busy with all the little details of his party. Details are my thing. Give me all the cute bags, cupcakes and party stickers. I’ve been furiously pinning to my Pinterest since I finished planning his 1st birthday party. I’ve spent hours on Etsy looking at all of the handmade goods that fit with his Elmo theme. 


Why I use Etsy instead of DIY

Although I consider myself relatively artsy and creative, I definitely don’t have the patience or the time to hand make centerpieces, cupcake toppers, gift bags or party favors. (I envy those of you that do!) I am a full-time working momma who wants a Pinterest life, but doesn’t want to spend hours cutting out little pieces of paper. Originally I felt that universal mommy guilt of “why can’t I find the time to do it myself?” Then I discovered the wonderful world of Etsy and realized that it’s almost silly to not take advantage of all the creative goods posted by people who have the supplies, time and make the effort to put them out there. I was able to create a DIY Elmo birthday party without lifting a glue gun. These Etsy crafters are “professionals.” Their prices are so competitive (cheap) that it would cost me twice as much to re-create any idea/project that I had in mind. My kid’s party is going to have that DIY touch that I love so much and all I had to do was a little DIY research! Scroll through to see some of my favorite picks and check out my Pinterest board for sources! You can use my pro-tips to make your next toddler birthday party look effortless without much effort at all.

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