Quarantine is over, 5 Tips for Surviving Re-entry

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Quarantine is over, but now what?

Here in Florida we have entered Phase 2 of re-entry and we’re all starting to slowly venture out of our homes. I’m mostly venturing out for necessities like bikini waxes and eyebrow shaping because this momma has let herself go during quarantine. Just kidding, I’ve done exactly the opposite. I stopped drinking, I focused on fitness and healthy eating and most important – I didn’t TOUCH the aforementioned bikini line and brows. I received praise from my spa service providers on how much self control that I have. Who doesn’t love a gold star? It’s really the little things that keep us going right?

But the reality is that going back out into the world can be a little scary. How do we trust the places that we’re visiting to ensure they are cleaning and sanitizing so we’re safe? Below are my 5 pro tips for making sure that YOU are doing everything you can to keep yourself safe. Responsibility always starts with you!

5 expert tips to keep you and your family safe outside the home

  1. Make sure you have enough masks for yourself and your family as you will need them to enter most public places. I’ve put them in my purse, gym bag, and most important – THE CAR GLOVE BOX!
  2. Refill your hand sanitizer in your car and handbag. If you can’t buy it, make it and put it into a spray bottle. Use my recipe linked here and you will never be without it again.  Keep spray cleaner and paper towel at the ready in your vehicle for quick clean ups if necessary. 
  3. Continue to socially distance! We still don’t know enough about this virus to start letting our guard down. You spent 2 months locked in your house, use those survival skills in the real world.  There is no shame in asking the local businesses you frequent what their sanitation procedures or mask rules are! As a result, you’ll feel safer and they will appreciate you asking!
  4. Have patience. Not everyone has self-awareness or common sense. Be kind and educate when appropriate. Remember, you always have a choice to remove yourself from any uncomfortable setting.
  5. Don’t stress! If you are taking the right steps to keep yourself and your family safe then trust your process! Continue to wash your hands and sanitize your frequently used spaces. You’ve got this!

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