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Work From Home Tips

I am a work from home expert. You might be wondering how to be productive at home? After 10+ years of working at home, it requires some planning and some self discipline! It’s easy to get distracted or depressed when you are home all day! Use my 6 work from home tips to prevent falling into a daily rut.

Work From Home Tips, Work From Home Tips
A cute office helps your mindset

Pro Tips How to Successfully Work From Home

  1. The first and most important tip is to get up around the same time that you did if you were going to your office and take a shower and get dressed for the day.
  2. Next, create a neat and serene work space. You can create a nice space anywhere quiet. Make sure to add the necessities like your computer, cute pads of paper, pens and something fun you like to look at. I love these desk accessories from Poppin.
  3. Prepare your lunch and daily snacks the day before, because if you don’t you will spend a lot of time grazing in your fridge and pantry. Keep salads, proteins, healthy snacks and fruit on hand at all times. Leftovers make great lunch options too! I like to freeze slices of my turkey lasagna for a quick hot lunch.
  4. Make a list! Don’t get distracted by things around the house like laundry, dishes and organizing that junk drawer you’ve been ignoring. Making a list will prepare you and keep you on track for the day! Stay away from household chores. Housekeeping got done while you were at an office all day and it will get done after your work day is complete!
  5. Know when to step away! Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you have to now work at all hours of the day. If you have a 9-5 job, stay within those hours. Turn your computer off at 5 and enter back into your personal life!
  6. Finally, talk to people! Keep in contact with your co-workers and not just by text. Pick up the phone, or use FaceTime. Human interaction even if it’s remote is important because then you will still feel connected to your work community.

Share your work from home tips with me!

Work From Home Tips, Work From Home Tips

If you have any work from home tips or advice please share them below, i’d love to hear them. If you have questions about my experience drop a comment below.

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